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About Us

Welcome to the site of the first independent meal delivery service in Odessa. 

What do we do?  

More than two years, we provide services to deliver your favorite meal of the finest restaurants and sushi bars Odessa anywhere in the city. The main objective that we set ourselves when we started our activities - to ensure the fastest delivery. And we succeeded. It does not matter where you are - we are ready to deliver exactly what you like, from more than one hundred restaurants in the city.

Why choose us?  

The main advantage of our clients - its absolute freedom for the imagination. You are not limited by any borders, as you have a choice of 10,000 meals to our site. We can bring you sushi, pizza, first courses, salads, kebabs, or anything else. Our call-centre with qualified operators who are always ready to help you with a choice of dishes to your table, take into account your preferences and tastes, recommend restaurants that are as close to you. Our operators will always tell you about the discounts that apply in the present moment. 

How much cost our services?  

The cost of delivery from 15 to 30 UAH. Price depends on your location. You can order free shipping from some of the restaurants.  

How long to wait for my order? 

Delivery time depends on the restaurant from which you made the order, its complexity, remoteness of your location and road conditions. Time itself varies from 30 to 90 minutes. Average run time of delivery for 40-45 minutes. How can I make an order? To order with us is very simple. We offer two methods of ordering. You can call us at 785-22-85 or 701-05-25 and our operator will take your order, confirm the amount of the order and call the execution time.You can view menus, prices and pictures of dishes directly on our website under "Delivery food from the restaurants". After the registration is not difficult to send us the order and within 10 minutes you will contact our operators. When ordering online, you can view your stats orders, manage your addresses, add restaurant in the "favorites" and enjoy all the benefits of a registered user. 

How to pay?  

The basic method of payment - cash to the courier at the time of receipt of order. Also, only here you can pay your order debit and credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO. You must notify the operator of our call-center to pay the card. In the very near future will be implemented to accept payments online. Two years, we work for you. Thank you for being with us. 

Your delivery, your Privozilka.