Оperation time


How to pay?

It is important for us to have no difficulties with the payment orders. So you can choose any of the following methods of payment:
 Cash to the courier at the time of receipt of the order. It is the most convenient way to get your favorite food from any restaurant in Odessa.
If you are in another city and you want to order the delivery of their loved ones, you can use the service "Delivery to a third party" To do this, you can simply call our office (048) 785-22-85 or (048) 701-05-25, to order and ask our operator card number to recharge. At receipt of money on our account (5-10 minutes) the order will go into operation.
Replenishment by Privatbank card number. To do this, at the time of order to inform our operator that you wish this type of payment. We will update the order value and the tabernacle of your card number to recharge.