Оperation time


For restaurants

Dear managers of restaurants!

We offer you accommodation on the main page of our site if the following conditions are met:

1. Complete menu relevance
2. Photos of dishes
3. Complete descriptions of dishes with an indication of the total output portions
4. Unique article about your restaurant, which had previously never been available on the Internet
5. The free package for our customers.
6. Provision of restaurant logo
7. Note the correct schedule of food broken down by day of week.

The cost of this accommodation:
1 year - 5000 UAH.
Six months of 3000 UAH.
3 months - 1750 UAH.

Payment is made in cash. For any questions please write to this accommodation on our mail privozilka@mail.ru

We work for 10 years for you. Your Privozilka.